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Becoming a New Work Citizen

The alarm beeped high.His watch reminded him to ‘wake up’.‘Alexa’, play ‘Morning motivation’” he yelled.Dressed-up and locked home with his fingerprint.The self-driving car took him to his office.It was another Monday. Many of us could relate to this. Our daily lives including our work have been significantly altered by the application of the latest technologies […]

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A ‘New Work’ Experience During the Pandemic

CUT TO:INT: ANDY’S OFFICE- EVENINGIn the heart of New York City, inside a modern corporate office.DISSOLVE TO:In the break room, Andy is still working at 7:30 pm. Television news can be heard in the background. Ambulances sirens moved closer, his colleague turned the television volume up.“ …we are enforcing lockdown for an indefinite period” declared […]

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